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What a teacher!

What a teacher! I am walking about trying to put all the bits of me into the right place and I can feel the difference.

Actor (Age 70)
speaking about Pilates Class

So lucky

I am still getting used to riding with drop handlebars as the position I now ride in is very different and my shoulders always hurt afterwards – but – doing your class the following day makes them feel better.

I feel so lucky to be in your class with your attention to our individual bodies and capabilities. I cannot thank you enough.
Long-term class client (Age 67)
speaking about Pilates Class

I knew that I would feel safe

I just knew that with Laurie I would feel safe.

Laurie is colourful, quirky and exuberant. She is warm, nurturing and deeply loving and always respectful of your space, time and sensitivities. But make no mistake, she packs a punch too, and gives you tasks to do that are not always easy. (Confronting oneself never is!)

I found some aspects of the sessions challenging and yet I always felt cared-for and supported. I laughed, cried and shouted during one of the sessions, and cried even more during the second – exactly what I needed to do! And Laurie is there all the way with you!

Laurie is deeply intuitive, perceptive and empathetic, drawing on her expressive talents and extensive learning to help you visualise what she means or is asking you to do.

Laurie uses a wide range of techniques in her sessions including discussion, visualisations, movement, role-play, runes and healing modalities.

She doesn’t waste time getting to the crux of the matter – there’s no fluff with Laurie – an approach I really liked.
At times it might feel as if you’re not doing anything very specific, though this is very far from the case.
The healing that is happening is deep and profound!

During the sessions themselves I felt real-time changes throughout my body and mind. Parts of my body that felt heavy and tense at the beginning felt light and relaxed after certain techniques. And I came away with more clarity about myself; empowered with a number of resources to take me forward.

I have no hesitation in recommending Laurie’s sessions. She is a beautiful and extraordinary gem!
Entrepreneur (Age 46)
speaking about Performance Coaching

Energetic and delightful

Hi Laurie,

Once again thank you so much for your energy and the delightful and gracious way in which you hold space, I attended 2 of your amazing workshops at Buddhafield  2018 and was easily put at ease by your unique style, I was also aware of the way you held the group dynamic as this was very diverse and could be challenging for some, there were as there often are very vulnerable people, the whole time you attended too the whole group,  and I felt Held safe and loved.
speaking about a workshop held at Buddafield

It’s illuminating

So loving these classes!

I feel like I’m finally learning exactly what I should be doing in my body!

So good to get your detailed graphic descriptions of what we should be doing and feeling – I haven’t had that in such clear precise detail in any other class and it’s illuminating.
Client (after 4 sessions)
speaking about Pilates Class


I am beginning to feel redesigned and it’s helping the pain I was feeling.

Actor (Age 70)
speaking about Performance Coaching

I appreciated the class today

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the class today!

I came away feeling that my back was very well ‘puffed up’ and my pelvis ‘tucked under ‘!

So job done I guess!
Class member (Age 76)
speaking about Performance Coaching

Your energy and wisdom was immediately apparent

Dear Laurie, just to say thank you…you really touched ‘buttons’ which may well bring about some degree of balance and peace…. a lot to reflect on.

Your energy and wisdom was immediately apparent and confirms my initial gut feeling before I actually met you that you are a special and unique person.

Thank you for being.
Designer (Age 71)
speaking about Performance Coaching
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