Functional Pilates

 Understand, strengthen and rebalance your body. Reorganise your posture and streamline your figure.

Pilates Mat Classes and personal sessions. Online, in Frome and in Holt.
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Come and experience contemporary Functional Pilates in Holt, or in my beautiful airy studio, 2 miles from Frome town centre, both with easy, free parking. Increase your core strength, recover from childbirth or injury, or develop your fitness.
If you don’t see what you want, give me a call and we can chat about your requirements

I’ve loved teaching this personalised system of contemporary Pilates for over 25 years, integrating techniques from physiotherapy and other rehabilitation systems. You can benefit from this individualised approach whatever your age or fitness level. For your life, for your shape, for every day.

My approach teaches you how to join the dots of your body; to understand and meet the specific needs of your particular figure shaped by your life experiences. 🌻 We work together with humour and commitment to inspire you to achieve the changes you want.


Even though these are small, public classes, I will tailor certain moves to suit the needs of your body.
If you don’t see what you want, give me a call.

First Class £5
All classes £12

Come and try us out!

In-person weekly classes

Wednesdays – Frome
6.30 – 7.45 pm
West Room Studio near Frome, in West Woodlands

Mondays & Thursdays – Holt (nr Bradford on Avon)
9.30 – 10.45 am
Holt Village Hall, The Street, Holt, BA14 6QH

Online weekly classes

Tuesdays on Zoom
9.15 – 10.15 am

Need to chat about what’s best for you?

Private sessions

These can take place in my studio in West Woodlands, or in your own home.  Zoom sessions are available too, but if possible, it’s best to meet face-to-face once, so you can receive the full benefit of bespoke adjustments for your issue.

Request your own personal Pilates routine or specific strengthening moves for e.g. back or hip pain, flexibility, help with recovery from a C-section or hysterectomy, postnatal work, and sport or athletic training assistance.

All your exercises and instructions are recorded on your phone, so you have clear information and can follow along with the videos.

Private session fee

75 mins – £75

Need to chat about what you need?

Functional Pilates

will gradually train your mind and body to communicate in an empowered way. As you develop your focus within your body, you create more presence, and power flows from that.

This endows you with physical and mental strength, helping you to cope better with whatever your life throws at you – lower backache, childbirth, medical interventions, or being desk-bound.

So what makes Functional Pilates so different?

The short answer is, awareness, an extended outline, and pressure!

Whatever move you’re doing, you’ll be encouraged to keep your deep abdominal muscles scooped, helped by using your mind power to connect these muscles to your lower back.

At the same time, you’ll be holding your shoulders wide, recruiting your chest muscles to keep your neck supported and nicely aligned, and keeping your ribs lengthened away from your hips. This gradually changes your posture, creating a longer waist and a more athletic-looking upper body!

In your sessions we break down Joseph Pilates’ original powerful moves into safe and manageable exercises which recondition you from the inside out.

You’ll be guided through moves which stretch tight places, strengthen weaker ones, and balance your whole body.

At the same time you’ll be building great body awareness, plus a strong, flexible core to support your everyday activities. 

We avoid moving with force or impetus because that creates shortened bulky muscles and increases the potential for injury. 

All the moves are performed standing or sitting/lying on double-thickness mats to support your spine comfortably.

Laurie has an extraordinary ability to properly ‘see’ you – to see beyond the shapes you’re making, and to understand and convey how each individual person’s body operates
– Business owner 68


You come to class to learn how to do Pilates from the inside. However, the really transformative work is when you walk your Pilates off the mat and practice applying it to your everyday activities. All the time.

It can even become a joyful obsession!

As you gain awareness and strength, even run-of-the mill actions such as lifting your child, gardening, carrying too much, running, hoovering, or sitting at your computer, become opportunities for training your body-mind! 

As you develop your Pilates technique, you will be able to quietly direct your muscles to power up your posture for maximum effectiveness and no pain.

I am beginning to feel redesigned and it’s helping the pain I was feeling. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
– Actor 72

I’m now the go-to person when somebody needs heavy files lifting off the top shelf in the practice.
– Dr’s receptionist 63

“…at odd times of the day I hear Laurie’s voice in my ears, and find myself standing and walking differently; more centred and a few centimetres taller!”
– Artist 48

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