Embodied Performance Coaching

Feel. Think. Move.
A proven, 3-pronged system for upping your game in sport, performing arts or presenting.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”
– John Gallwey

Do you want to move your skills up a notch or to a whole new level?Develop authentic presence and personal power?

Imagine being able to tap into your deepest reserves of motivation and insight to achieve your goals, whilst navigating the complexities of human interactions with ease. 

Feel more skilful, have more wiggle room in tricky situations. Own your challenges and use your insight to power your way through adversity.

If you’ve landed here then you’re looking for change

I offer you a style of coaching which works with your personality and life experiences. 

With my guidance, you’ll learn how to harness the power of your feelings and mindset to drive positive change in your life.

Inner perspective affects outer action. It’s a process.

You’ll learn an holistic way of looking at your skills and assessing what you need to raise your performance.

Together we’ll create new pathways in your mind and body, boosting your ability to achieve your goals. 


In a nutshell, I watch how you move and speak closely, noting what you do well and what’s holding you back. 

We’ll clarify how you currently function, identify your beliefs and blocks, and understand their impact on your life and goals. 

I’m known for creating a safe, judgement-free space where you feel free to explore and express.

Sessions can involve physical exercise, yoga or postural work. 

You may find yourself scribbling on huge sheets of paper, connecting to a tree or dissecting the way you argue.

We can work in person or on zoom, and selected aspects can be recorded.


In order to create deep and lasting change for you, I’ve developed a well-tested, 3-pronged strategy.

It’s holistic, addressing the 3 major aspects of being human – body, mind and feeling, and how they interconnect.

“Laurie is colourful, quirky and exuberant. She is warm, nurturing and deeply loving and always respectful of your space, time and sensitivities. But make no mistake, she packs a punch too, and gives you tasks to do that are not always easy. (Confronting oneself never is!). “
– Female entrepreneur 46

Embodiment rises

…when mind and body work as one, creating a powerful presence.

I’ll help you become deeply conscious of how you feel, think and live in your body.

It may sound simple, but this system has sophisticated roots: interpersonal neuroscience, focus technique, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and conscious communication.

I’ve been trusted by Olympic athletes and national-level teams to identify performance issues and implement solutions.

I’ve used this system with professional and aspiring musicians and dancers, high-ranking corporate executives, even a county-level high board diver!

My approach has helped counsellors and teachers facing burnout, young people with confidence or mental health issues, and trainers who want more dynamic and connective presentation skills. 

My unique experience…

…allows me to identify and address aspects of how you feel, move and think in your everyday life. 

We might collaborate to realign your posture or refine your breathing patterns for more streamlined movement.

Exchange a limiting belief for one which supports your chosen goal.

You might even integrate self-compassion, mindfulness or meditation into your change process, to create inner balance and self-worth. 

How this could work for you

You could be a high flyer. An athlete. You might be thinking of trying Park Run. Or training and presenting is a core part of your work, and you long for a fresher, more authentic way of connecting with your people.

A teenager might be looking to grow confidence or improve interview, audition or stage skills.

Perhaps you’re an upcoming professional, on those early rungs, hungry for a different, deeper way of doing things, for a personal compassionate edge in the current environment.

Or maybe you’re highly experienced, nearing retirement, and you want to make every moment count.

Whatever your desire or needs, if you’re intrigued, let’s connect.

Happy clients

Dear Laurie just to say thank you…you really touched ‘buttons’ which may well bring about some degree of balance and peace….a lot to reflect on.

Your energy and wisdom was immediately apparent and confirms my initial gut feeling before I actually met you that you are a special and unique person.

Thank you for being.
– Designer (71)

 “I just knew that with Laurie I would feel safe. I found some aspects of the sessions challenging and yet I always felt cared-for and supported. I laughed, cried and shouted during one of the sessions, and cried even more during the second – exactly what I needed to do!  And Laurie is there all the way with you!

Laurie is deeply intuitive, perceptive and empathetic, drawing on her expressive talents and extensive learning to help you visualise what she means or is asking you to do. 
– Entrepreneur (46)

Free consultation 

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to see whether we gel and if we want to take it further together.

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