About Laurie Pyne

I’m not a natural-born athlete! 

In terms of sportiness I was scared of everything.

I wrote myself off when I was about 9 and couldn’t climb up those thick, smelly gym ropes.

As I obviously couldn’t be a gymnast or a ballerina (never took ballet lessons), I decided that the recorder rocked, and so seamlessly transitioned into becoming a musician instead.

“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”
– Lao Tzu

& dance

I spent years teaching Music and dance, running choirs and coaching upset young people, but I needed more mojo.

Rock climbing, MTB, running, riding, mountaineering, teaching yoga, pole fitness, coasteering or kayaking; the irresistible challenge.

Whatever I did demanded total presence, unearthing my inner game, and staying connected to my feelings – as well as falling off almost everything!

As every activity brought its own set of minor injuries, I learnt a ton about bodies from the amazing and talented osteopaths and physios I visited along the way. 

Seemed like every time I hurt myself, someone in one of my classes did something similar. Thus we shared the journey of cause, effect and how best to heal.


This was key to understanding  how my body worked. 

I fell in love with everything Pilates offered – it was so hard that I decided to teach it, and trained with some excellent tutors from the inspirational Stott Pilates team.

After 35 years my Pilates classes are now an interactive mix of insight, observation, creative instructions, tons of laughter and 2-way feedback.

Clients care about each other’s progress, and actively pursue measurable change in their bodies and minds.


Performance coaching is the culmination of all my skills.

Motivated by the need to upgrade some unskilful habits I’d absorbed as a terrified kid, I learnt how to see and how to change.

Identifying and connecting the 3 aspects of movement, psychology and awareness of one’s inner process was a huge discovery. Whether you want a tweak that will give you the edge, or a complete overhaul of your skillset, Feel. Think. Move. will deliver.

Allow me to help you unlock your potential with my proven, 3-pronged strategy.

Let’s raise your game on all levels – physical, mental, emotional.

Enjoy creating inner and outer change for yourself using practical techniques.

Develop physical prowess, insight and embodied presence; reduce your reactivity.

Using movement, exercise, emotional Intelligence, and awareness skills, let me inspire you to engage with enthusiasm, and dedication to your greatest self.

Out-Perform Yourself!

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to see whether we gel and if we want to take it further together.

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